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The Future of Print in Open Stacks

Building on a talk given by Jim O’Donnell at the 2017 Charleston Conference, Lorrie McAllister and I expanded on some of the conceptual underpinnings of the “Future of Print” project at ASU Library. Abstract: Arizona State University is embracing new ways of thinking about how open stacks can make books active objects of engagement for a ne... Read more

Open Stacks in Library Design

As part of the “Worth Noting” feature in portal: Libraries and the Academy, my colleague Lorrie McAllister and I wrote about some of the design principles at work in the “Future of Print” project at ASU Library. Abstract: Technological innovation has fostered structural shifts in scholarly communications and cooperation among academic insti... Read more

H.R. 5305: The FDLP Modernization Act of 2018

In March 2018, H.R. 5305 was introduced in Congress. The FDLP Modernization Act of 2018 would make changes to the Federal Depository Library Program and other GPO public access programs. As part of a GODORT virtual meeting about the bill, I gave a talk (PDF, 1.3MB) on its provisions. I’m grateful to Gavin Baker at ALA Washington Office for many... Read more

Risk and Reward: Mapping Gaps in Government Information Preservation

(This post originally appeared on the PEGI Project.) At the PEGI Mini-Forum held in conjunction with the Depository Library Council meeting in Arlington, Virginia, in mid-October 2017, we asked some of our attendees to explore the concept of risk as it pertains to long-term access. What types of government information are most at risk? What fac... Read more

Forever is a Long Long Time: Title 44 & the Promise of Public Access to Federal Information

Earlier this month, I gave a talk for the Librarians Association of the University of California, Santa Barbara (LAUC-SB) that outlines some of the major events of the last six months. Today I’m sharing the slides (PDF, 3.5MB) (well, most of the slides) for those who may be interested in this process and the current status of Title 44 reform. Read more